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Published: 13th February 2009
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What used to exist primarily in case of storms now exists not to board up against Mother Nature, but to board up against squatters, vandals and rodents. Board Up companies in Atlanta, Georgia have seen a sharp rise in their business over the past year. The economy remains turbulent and more and more people are in jeopardy of not only losing their jobs but they also fear losing their homes. This fear has become a reality in many neighborhoods in and around Atlanta.

The foreclosure rate, which used to affect inner city neighborhoods and elderly neighborhoods, has begun to reach its arms to extent to even the most affluent neighborhoods in Atlanta. No one it seems could have prepared for the economy bottoming up and even the most proactive person may be facing serious financial worries.

From Atlanta's urban core to leafy neighborhoods filled with singing birds, some 2.2 million homes are expected to go through foreclosure, and stand empty. As the housing dominoes fall across the country many states are witnessing urban "ghost towns" of vacant, boarded up houses. This urban blight welcomes raves, squatters and thieves to pilfer. The houses sit empty with weeds, trash, and dereliction on a scale unseen, up until now.

Boarded up houses have become a common sight in many neighborhoods I Atlanta and with the economy still falling it seems it will get much worse before any signs of improvement are felt.

Many banks, too strapped with foreclosures to manage property, have taken to hiring board up companies to keep their investment safe from rodents by boarding the house up and free from squatters, raves and vandalism by hiring security to watch the house. In many areas a heavy find is imposed if the house is allowed to fall into a state of disrepair. The house must be kept as clan and safe as possible until it is sold.

Many board up companies will take care of everything from re keying locks, to junk removal, paint touch up and even handle the eviction. The business has grown from one that boarded up windows in case of a storm to one that does everything from beginning to end during the foreclosure process. Many of them offer free quotes and are very competitively priced. These companies can do remarkable things in bringing a house back to life and keeping it safe in secure in the interim period.

Eddie Frank is an editorial staff member of, to learn more about emergency board up services in Denver, Colorado, CO and board up visit or call (877) 30-40-555.

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