How to Choose the Right Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Company in San Diego

Published: 15th December 2009
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Statistics have shown that San Diego has about a maximum of 15 home fires a month, caused by wild grass or consequential events in a house such as gas leaks or fault electrical wiring. Each of these fires has damages that cost to about an average of $150,000. This totals to about 2.25 million dollars worth of fire and smoke damage for San Diego alone! In the larger scheme of things, on a country-wide scale, the US has reported about $45 billion worth of costs related to fires.

These costs don't have to be that high, however, especially if you have the right fire and smoke damage cleanup companies at your side. Choosing the right company will help you save on high fire restoration expenses. In this article we discuss the characteristics you should look for when choosing a fire restoration company.

1. Timeliness and availability of service in critical situations

Fires are critical situations, requiring on call support 24 hours a day. The best companies have a clear issue escalation procedure. They should be able to respond to your calls within hours and can get everything back into the way they were in a matter of days. Some companies show a detailed hour-by-hour timeline or procedure on what they will do to your home.

2. Presence of industry certified inspectors

You will need inspectors to check on your home and appraise the value of its lost damages. This will be very important when it comes to dealing with your insurance company since this will ultimately determine your final settlement values. When looking for a restoration company, make sure they have industry certified and trained appraisers, since you do not want to be charged unreasonably.

3. Industry certified equipment

Of course, certified people should come with certified equipment. The presence of industry grade machines, solvents, vacuums and foggers ensure that your belongings are handled with care and cleaned thoroughly.

4. Doing more than just cleaning

The best smoke damage cleanup and restoration companies offer other services besides cleaning, such as painting restoration, deodorizing, inventory count and even home moving services. These can be very important for you. Deodorizing is important since smoke can permeate into clothing and other furniture made of cloth such as couches or curtains, and can be very hard to remove. In inventory count, meanwhile, the restoration company sifts through your home and categorizes your items into restorable or not, making it easier for the insurance company to come to a settlement value.

5. Home tips

Some smoke and fire damage restoration companies also show their care for the customer by offering do-it-yourself restoration services via training classes or pamphlets. These can be very helpful for you and can actually drive down the costs behind fire and smoke damage.

Ultimately, a good mix of these services will determine the right fire and smoke damage cleanup companies for you. Choosing the right company will be critical to that you can eventually save in the long run.
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