How to Deal with Broken Sprinkler System Flooding

Published: 07th December 2009
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A good sprinkler system can help ease out maintenance of plants, lawn and surrounding landscaped portions around residential and public areas. Although this is a convenient system, a common problem is broken riser or sprinkler head. Since these problems cannot be prevented, dealing with broken sprinkler system flooding must always come in handy.

Whether it is used in maintaining a small lawn, a public park or other landscaped areas, monitoring the sprinkler system is important to minimize damage which includes loss of crops, land erosion, waste of water and insufficient supply of water to remaining areas of the circuit.

For homeowners who are dealing with broken sprinkler system flooding, the immediate remedy is to turn off the water source to prevent further damage. If you can't identify which sprinkler head is causing the problem or clueless on why your system has gone awry, have the experts make an assessment. They can offer advice on how to take care of the damage caused mainly by the flooding.

Your landscaper can also give tips on how to deal with the problem when it happens or use materials that can minimize soil erosion. A sprinkler system usually consists of heads and risers. The risers determine how high the sprinkler heads can go above the ground. The head is made up of nozzles that limit the water flow. Since the sprinkler heads are located above the ground, it is vulnerable to damage.

Even with a strict maintenance routine, sprinklers can also get frozen and cause water leaks which can extend to the basement. As with basic water damage restoration procedure, flooding caused by broken sprinkler system must be attended to immediately. When the leak has reached the house, pumping out the water and drying the place must be undertaken systematically. Disinfecting is also significant in taking care of the problem, while transferring soaked items in a safe and dry place may help big time in restoring it.

Consult with a flood damage cleanup company when this occurs. Underground pipes may need to be replaced or at least checked for leaks. Check with your insurance company if this damage is part of the coverage.
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