Questions to Ask Your Water Damage Contractor

Published: 08th January 2010
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You can think of water damage as a scientific, architectural and even an electrical problem. It is a scientific problem, oftentimes causing the growth of dangerous bacteria if not fixed right away. It is an architectural problem because it affects the strength of your house's structure and fixtures. It is an electrical problem since water has the ability to reach even the deepest circuits, causing electrical outages and even fire.
Doesn't it all sound like a lot? The great thing is that you can work with a water damage contractor to fix these problems all at once. However, even with this service, it is still useful to be knowledgeable of the processes involved. The best customers, after all, are those who make decisions based on the information that they have, rather than those who do so out of gut feelings.
Here are some questions you should ask your restoration company before the remediation. Doing so will not only help you understand what will be done but to prepare for it as well.
1. What is the extent of the damage? Ask if the damage is electrical or structural in nature, or something else. A typical water damage contractor can give you an accurate measure of how deep the damage is using water meters. The damage can be as minor as a wet rug or as deep as thoroughly flooded circuit boxes. Knowing the extent of the damage will let you prepare for what kind of resources might be needed.
2. What was the cause of the damage? Was it because of natural causes, or poor maintenance? This can help you prevent this in the future, such as by adding structural protection or increasing the frequency of inspections.
3. What will you do for me? Ask your water damage contractor for a detailed breakdown of the tasks to be done and the schedules to be followed.
4. What can I do to help you? As a homeowner, you will want to be involved every step of the way. Helping your restoration company can go a long way in making your restoration faster and more effective. You can do this by creating a detailed inventory of personal belongings, helping choose which items should be disposed, or other such tasks.
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