Realities of Smoke and Soot Damage in Minneapolis

Published: 15th June 2009
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Following a fire incident, some of the most common problems that homeowners face are smoke and soot damages. This problem also arises in areas where people constantly smoke indoors. The smell of smoke and the soot in surfaces can both be difficult to remove, which is why many homeowners choose to get professional clean up service.

Smoke Damage Removal

Many cleanup contractors offering such services use fogging machines like an ozone generator to totally remove the smell of smoke, which can affect not only the areas involved in the fire but also nearby areas since the smoke can be blown by the wind in any direction.

While fogging devices mentioned above work effectively in eliminating smoke damage, they pose some health concerns. Therefore, health experts strongly advise that homes and any other building that will be subjected to an ozone generator should be completely vacated and household members should only be allowed inside when the ozone has dissipated completely.

Besides smoke damage from a fire incident, a house can also suffer from cigarette smoke. It is very tough to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke. This is why many owners of apartments and condominiums prohibit smoking indoors because it just leaves a terrible smell in the house.

The smell of smoke lingers in a room for hours and can actually stick to the room if people regularly smoke there. Even if you have a window open when you smoke indoors, the smoke can also easily be absorbed by clothes or any other fabric. This can be very unfortunate if the room is shared by smokers and non-smokers. Fortunately, smoking indoors is strictly not allowed in more than 200 apartments in Minnesota.

Soot Damage Removal

Even more challenging than smoke damage removal is removing soot. If you are dealing with major soot damage, the ideal solution is to hire a professional to do the soot removal. Soot removal methods if not done properly could only create further damage. For example, soot can further spread in the affected area. In some cases, the wall paint was scrubbed off along with the soot. Additionally, if the damaged area is extensive, hiring a professional will save you from serious manual work.

Usually, contractors offering fire damage repair and restoration services are the same people who could help you with soot damage removal. If you are a Minneapolis resident and you need immediate soot removal services, you don't have to go around town looking for the nearest contractor. Through the internet, you can locate a contractor that services your area. Don't forget to check the company's background to make sure you're working with someone reputable.

Both smoke and soot damage removal can be a difficult task. Getting rid of soot successfully does not mean you would be able to remove the smell of smoke completely. Depending on the scale of damage to be resolved, you can pull off these tasks with just a little commonsense and some simple tools. If you are not sure what to do, however, you can always ask for professional help.

Leo Nov is an editorial staff member of RestorationSOS. To learn more about smoke damage removal visit our website. Click here for more information on smoke and soot damage minneapolis.

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