Sewage Cleanup in Waco, TX - Getting Rid of Sewer Odor

Published: 18th March 2010
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Heavy rains can lead to flooding of the area. Since floodwaters bring along with them raw sewage, they can result in extreme sewage backups. Raw sewage and wastewater have several pollutants in the form of fungi, viruses and parasites causing illness and may even lead to death. Hence, proper and timely cleanup and disinfecting measures are indispensable after sewage backup at any place.
Heavy rainfall in Waco in the first week of February of 2010 caused sewage water to burst out of several sewer lines along Waco. The heavy downpour laid bare several defaults of the sewage system which smacks of many cracked and worn out pipes. Although, the sewer overflow at numerous areas of the city was surprising for several officials of the city, the problem is not actually new for the residents.
Taking the services of professionals for sewage cleanup in Waco, TX is becoming quite common. This includes getting rid of sewer odor from your house. When sewage water enters the building or structure, it can cause heavy loss to your home or your business. Also, the accompanying smell of the contaminated water can be a big health hazard for you.
The smell contains methane and is not just toxic for your lungs but can also be explosive. Sewer odors can result from bad vents, cracked or worn out pipes or leaky drainage system. For removing sewer odor from your home or property, it is advisable to hire professionals and save yourself from the laborious work.
The team of professional workers will first see the point of the water level by lifting the lid to the toilet in your house. A plumber can track the location of the crack or leakage in your toilet. The next step to be followed by the workers is to check sump pump for sewer odor since the pump, if not emptied regularly, can make the water stagnant and give the smell of sewage.
Then, the workers will check vent pipes on top of your home to see whether any leaves or debris has clogged vent pipes causing sewer odor. An automatic snake will remove any clogs. Proper ventilation is an essential step of sewage cleanup in Waco, Texas after removing the source of sewer smell from your home. An effective sanitizing cleaner proves handy for making the house free from odor.
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