The Scope of Water Damage Service

Published: 08th January 2010
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Water damage is not a very common problem. A good percentage of homeowners with water damage may have encountered this problem only for the first time. Water damage causes such as floods, leaks and even typhoons are usually brought about by circumstantial or long-term events. Because of this, many homeowners find themselves inexperienced and clueless about having to deal with water damage restoration. You may not know what to do with water damage or what kind of restoration company to contact. Here is a brief scope checklist of what water damage service usually is and what it is not. Knowledge of this will help you select the best water damage company that will suit your needs.

Water damage restoration includes:

- Cleaning services - Water damage restoration companies will thoroughly remove the dirt and molds caused by water damage from your home. They will use special detergents and calibration machines for this purpose.

- Remediation of items such as rugs and furniture - Certain types of home items are prone to absorbing large amounts of water and storing them for a long time. Water damage service companies can use vacuums to suck these all out. In some cases other companies offer services for the restoration of paintings, sculptures and even firearms.

- Maintenance checks - You can also hire a water damage expert even when there is no water problem. You can hire them to do regular checks on the health of your house. Typical maintenance checks include inspecting the strength of your house's structure and the level of dampness of walls and ceilings. These types of tasks can be done annually.

Water damage restoration may not include:

- Storage services - Storage services may be defined as temporarily keeping your belongings in a separate warehouse as your house is being restored. Water damage service does not usually include this, although certain companies may offer you temporary containers or may be affiliated with warehousing companies.

- Electrical services - Fixing broken electronics and circuits may not be under the scope of a restoration company. They sometimes may have in-house electricians, however, or be affiliated with electronics restoration companies.

These are just some of the exclusions in water damage companies. Note that these may not account for all companies. The best companies, after all, are those that offer a different mix of services.

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